Sunday, 21 October 2007

The FAQ book on Public Speaking

I don't normally do third party endorsements on my blogs, but this one I could not resist. Not only is it a great book on public speaking, but as I helped put it together, I thought that I should let my readers know about it.

Below is an ad written by my colleague Eric Feng. It is a great book with heaps of practical tips for any type of presentation. It is great value too. It has been put together by 3 of Asia's best speakers. While the English is not "Australian English" the message is clear and the advice sound.

Have a read of what you get and place an order at the bottom.



"Finally… A Book That Answers Your Most Burning Questions About Becoming A Popular And Respected Public Speaker..."
You "The Star" Of Your Next Presentation - Guaranteed"

The FAQ Guys present:
"The FAQ book on Public speaking"

You might be asking, who are these FAQ guys anyway? Before I continue, I believe I need to give you some background on how the name came about. You see, I was having coffee with Andrew at Starbucks one day and he dropped me this question"If you get to spend one hour with world class speakers for a one-on-one, personal consultation for public speaking from each of them, what would you ask?"
Lots and lots of questions...

I thought about it and an idea popped up in my head. "What if we asked other people who are equally concerned about their public speaking journey?"So we tried that and to our surprise, truckloads of questions came pouring in. Apparently, even though with so many public speaking books out there, there are still lots of unanswered questions in your minds.
Questions include...

How to I make my speech interesting with greater impact?
Are there times when the audience does not react or respond the way you want them to, and how do I deal with them?
How do you salvage the situation when you fail on stage?
How do I kick fear and insecurity out of myself when giving a speech?
I’m often distracted by thoughts of not being good enough to be “up there” talking. I lack confidence on stage. What can you advise me to do?
What advice can you give to a novice speaker?
How do we discover our own style of speaking? One that we can claim as our own?
How do you “Be Yourself” to the audience? We all heard that so many times but how EXACTLY do you do it.
What are all the ways to draw the audience into your speech, hence connecting with them?
Could a person with a poor command of English be able to speak well like other people do?
When I give a presentation, I will switch to "presentation mode". I become monotonous, lifeless...It's a subconscious habit now. It's so hard to change...How do I change…………
And much, much more!

So without any further ado... Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting...The FAQ Book On Public Speaking!

To compile this book, Andrew and I went on the hunt for the answers to public speaking excellence. We looked for 2 real successful speakers in each of their field and demanded them to spill the beans behind their successes so you can learn from them and become a phenomenal speaker yourself. We drained their brain of every last tip, tactic and technique for crafting and delivering successful speeches and you'll get to devour them all when you own your copy of this book.

So what do you get when you throw in Asia’s top 3 speakers, 70+ burning public speaking related questions and hordes of people who want quality answers?Well this is what you get...
The 3 most important attributes the audience looks out for in a speaker
How to maximise speaking effectiveness and accelerate your growth exponentially as a speaker.
How to find and cultivate your very own style of speaking that no one can duplicate

Discover every single trick, tactic, shortcut, formula, jealously-guarded secret and psychological hot-button used by truly successful public speakers
The little known secrets to capture the attention of the audience
Why you should speak to your audience as though they are your friends and how you can actually speak to them at ease
The truth behind making eye contact
Don’t send the wrong messages with your body language
Why pauses are necessary in your speech and how you can totally eliminate pause fillers and don't let them haunt you again
The exact steps and system behind humour and how it is so easy to follow these steps and garner laughter from the audience
How to ensure 100% participation from the audience
How to make your speech interesting and impressionable.
How are you *present* with the audience, *be* the audience and really *know* the audience

What to do if the audience does not react enthusiastically when you want them to. Tried and tested formula to salvage the situation!
How to counter fear and nervousness and "eradicate" them totally from your public speaking career
How to convert your fear into positive energy you can use to make your speech much stronger and “fool” the audience into thinking that you are very confident and comfortable on stage
What are the steps you need to take to prepare a speech
How can you sustain your passion in public speaking and finding out what motivates you
Your unfair advantage as a presenter
How to measure your speaking success
Taboos you must absolutely avoid in a speech
Why numbers and figures can be interesting instead of boring and how it can help enhance your speech
How to differentiate yourself from the rest of the speakers- Finding Your "Purple Cow"
What to do if your jokes bombs
How to turn your love of speaking into a springboard of success
3 ways for beginners to develop their speaking chops
Why you must videotape (or audiotape) every single presentation or speech you give
The right mix of substance, style and humour in your speech ow to find the riveting story only you can share
Speaking too fast? Learn how you can slow down.
Is having cue cards really that bad?
What you should do with your cue cards and how to leverage on them effectively.
A tested system for organizing and delivering your speeches so you will never go blank in the middle of your speech again
How you can break the rules of speaking and get away with it
Eliminate pause fillers altogether
3 ways to make the audience participate
Who says a technical presentation is boring?
How to make your technical presentation interesting and understood by all And much, much more!
The book is only US$29.95, and you can get it here.
Darren Fleming
Australia's Public Speaking Coach
& Eric Feng & Andrew Zhan
The FAQ boys