Tuesday, 26 June 2007

What to look for in a Public Speaking Course

People often ask me why they should join my public speaking courses as opposed to joining others. There are many public speaking courses in the market, some good, others not. Below is a number of points to consider when looking for a public speaking course.
  1. Consider the skills of the person who will be delivering the course. Are they someone who has been there and done it before, or are they a "wanna-be". There are some great people who have won major competitions with their speaking, and these include David Brooks, Craig Valentine as well as my favourite, Darren laCroix.
  2. Not everyone can be a world champion speaker. However, you can find some speakers who have the skills that you need all the same. These include Darren Fleming, Jeff Justice and Eric Feng.
  3. Make sure that the course that you are interested in has what you are after. Many courses out there want to turn you into a keynote speaker and promise that you will make lots of money in your new found career. However, if you just want to be able to communicate more clearly with clients and colleagues, then you need to look at what your public speaking course will achieve and see if the results are what you are after.
  4. A good public speaking course will have a clear outline that is based in the 'real world'. That is, if you are a very nervous speaker, don't look for the magic trick that will turn you into the next Bill Clinton. Look for something that is achievable and can get you the results you need.
  5. See if you can get Public speaking course testimonials. yes, it is easy to fudge these, so look for one that have company names listed.
  6. Choose a reputable organisation that has a history behind it. Toastmasters International offers a number of programs that can improve your skills. Toastmasters Australia has a number of public speaking courses that can show you how to progress.
  7. Finally, try to get a public speaking course that has the ability to video your presentations so you can take it away and review it later. You will learn an amazing amount just from watching your own performance.

If you need some more information about public speaking courses, or even one-on-one public speaking coaching drop me a line and I will help you out.


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